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What is the minimum flow that a Forsta self cleaning filter can handle?
15 gpm
What is the minimum working pressure required for a Forsta self cleaning water filter to backwash properly?
A minimum of 35 psi is required at the inlet of the filter during the backwash. Low Pressure Series self cleaning filters require 15psi at the inlet of the filter during the backwash.
What is the maximum flow rate that Forsta self cleaning filters can handle?
A single self cleaning filter handles up to 7350gpm. Multiple filters installed in parallel provide nearly limitless flow.
What is the duration of the backwash?
6-16 seconds depending on the filter model and operating pressure.
How much water is used during the backwash?
Filter models with a 1” flush valve use 5-15 gallons and models with a 2” flush valve use 50-75 gallons.
What size screens are available?
Available screens in micron: 5-4000
What type of screens are available?
Forsta offers perforated plate, stainless steel wedge-wire, and stainless steel sintered mesh screens.

Forsta Self Cleaning Filters: Document Library

Filter Type Document  PDF
180 Series 180/Zero Manual
Basic Installation
Single Filter & EC-2
Two Filters & EC-2
Three Filters & EC-4
Four Filters & EC-4
Equipment Protection Schematic
Irrigation Protection Schematic
Membrane Protection Schematic
Backwash Cycle
90 Series 90 Series Manual
Basic Installation
Single A/B/M Model & EC-2
Single C Model & EC2
Irrigation Protection Schematic
Boiler Protection Schematic
Sidestream Installation
Zero Series 180/Zero Manual
Zero & EC-2
Low Pressure Series Low Pressure Manual
Single Filter & EC-2 LP
Coarse Strainer Single Filter & EC-2
Skid Mounted Single B-90 & EC-2
EC-2 Controller EC-2 Controller Manual
EC-2 Controller Data Sheet
Catalog Product Catalog
Presentation Product Presentation